[GE][LS19/FS19] Giants Editor 8.x.x Script Paths [EN]

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[GE][LS19/FS19] Giants Editor 8.x.x Script Paths [EN]


Beitragvon Philipp1998 » Mi 20. Feb 2019, 22:18

Since I have already read many times that many problems with the editor scripts have I just make a small TUT...

The paths in the scripts do not fit to the folder structure...
There are 2 possibilities.

1st possibility to customize the path in the Scripts.


2nd way to move the lua to the right Folder:

"dirtUtil" and "editorUtils" move back a folder then you don't need to rewrite anything...

2nd possibility saves some work!

This TUT is not only for the GE 8.1.0 but also for the previous versions.
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